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is dedicated to providing helpful information on businesses, services and community in the city of Lake Elsinore, Ca. MyLakeElsinore.com paid advertising accounts and business partners have been tested to insure they offer in our opinion a high level of service and customer satisfaction. In addition, MyLakeElsinore.com partners with web partners located in surrounding areas.

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MyLakeElsinore.com reserves final editorial review for all additions to insure consistency with the nature of the web site, and that the addition is family orientated. MyLakeElsinore.com reserves the right to refuse any content that is questionable in nature or does not provide for the advancement of this web site or community.

MyLakeElsinore.com reserves all rights and limits Premier advertising to 5 Premier advertisements per page. MyLakeElsinore.com requires listings to maintain and provide an actual physical location within the covered region. 

While MyLakeElsinore.com takes every precaution to assure the quality of this web site and external links. MyLakeElsinore.com makes no claims or warranties of the business listed on this site. Statements are opinions based on personal experiences. MyLakeElsinore.com accepts listings from various sources to build our database of services offered. MyLakeElsinore.com makes no claims or warranties of the businesses listed on this site. MyLakeElsinore.com suggests that you contact the listed company to learn more about the services they offer, request and contact references, and check with the Better Business Bureau for any recommendations. MyLakeElsinore.com is not responsible for links to web sites outside of www.MyLakeElsinore.com, the content of these sites, and the accuracy of the content.

Maps - MyLakeElsinore.com links to maps supplied by various sources. MyLakeElsinore.com does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the maps contained in this site or linked to externally. MyLakeElsinore.com is not liable for any external information supplied. MyLakeElsinore.com strives to provide accurate detail on linked maps and encourages our visitors to email with any discrepancies.


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